We all look forward to the Olympics not for what the athletes will wear but because of the actual games. We want to see the best of human capabilities. However, it is inevitable at times to really focus on what they are wearing. Some Olympic outfits are quite ridiculous. Worse, we have even witnessed athletes who have suffered from Olympic wardrobe malfunction that was seen by the rest of the world, as this is the biggest sporting event.

This Norwegian runner seemed to have worn a tighter than usual track outfit that it popped in the worst possible area as they were heading towards the finish line.

This Olympic speed skater suffered from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as she was celebrating her performance.

This swimmer suffered from a wardrobe malfunction as the butt area popped wide open at the start of the race. It couldn’t get any worse than that.

This moment didn’t happen to one of the athletes but to a journalist from BBC covering the 2012 London Olympics as the wind blew her skirt up.

During the 2014 Sochi Olympics, this Chinese figure skater had an issue with her stockings. She continued the performance though as if nothing happened.

This Spanish diver was caught fixing her swimwear during a diving competition at the Olympics. Divers do it all the time, but during major competitions, cameras follow them, hence this moment happened.

This is obviously an awkward moment for an Olympic cyclist. It pretty much happens to all cyclists due to the nature of their outfit.

Anything can happen in wrestling especially since you are trying to do anything to pin your opponent down. This one is definitely an embarrassing moment.

This happened during a water polo match. The Spanish player showed more to the world than what they deserved.


These are just some of the most awkward moments caught on camera during the games especially with how the outfits were designed.

James Corden surprised everyone with his WSJ magazine cover. After the magazine issue has been released, people can’t help but ask the question: “Are the James Corden tattoos real or not?”.

Corden is an English actor, comedian, producer and TV host. He started acting in 1996, but he only rose to prominence around 2000 when he starred in the series Fat Friends.

Years after he got offered to do his own show in CBS, the Late Late Night Show.

Carpool Karaoke is a segment of his popular late night show where Corden gets to drive around and sing with very famous people like Michelle Obama and Adele.

Along with the Carpool Karaoke segment, he also created the Tattoo Roulette. In this part of the show, guests will pick a box that will determine whether or not they’d get an ink.

The first TV show guests who participated in the segment were the members of One Direction. Among the four members, Harry got the box with the “Tattoo” message.

Many thought that the show segment was rigged, but Styles was super cool about getting a new ink. After the artist finished etching the Late Late Night, Harry,  told Corden to try getting inked too.

Being the sport guy that he is, Corden happily obliged. He was featured by WSJ for his success with his late-night TV show.

During the interview, he talked about how the CBS show was the best thing that ever happened to him. He also shared how he struggled to balance his personal life with the show’s schedule.

In the magazine he happily flaunted his skin along with the tons of things inked all over him like butterflies, flowers anchors, daggers, stars and eyes tattooed on him.

Some were very thrilled and thought that the tats looked good on him. However, as much as they look awesome on his body, the tattoos aren’t real.

Wombat is seen as a pudgy mammal which has always been large and marsupial in nature. It can be derived from Australia and other scattered islands which are seen around the said place. Synonymous to other marsupials around, the mammal also gives birth. As for their case, they produce undeveloped young which has the ability to crawl to their pouches. These pouches are found on the belly of wombats. The moment the baby walked away from the pouch, they would emerge. Usually, this happened as they reach their 5th month. These are just some of the common wombat facts.

More about wombats

Wombats start to take care of themselves starting 7th month. They can live alone without relying on anyone. This is possible as they use their claws to dig deep burrows on most open grasslands. They also do this on eucalyptus forests. As said, they are seen in the burrows. These may turn out to be an extensive tunnel-and-chamber complex. That is where they breathe. They find burrows solitary. Other species are known for their social ability. They usually stay together in larger burrow groups. These are termed as colonies.

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

Wombats can go around at night. This means that they are nocturnal. They can even emerge and eat at night. They do this on roots, grasses and bark. This is feasible because of their rodent-like incisors. These never seem to stop. As a matter of fact, they have the ability to gnaw down even their own vegetarian fare. It would not even matter if the latter is tougher than them. Their built enable them to conquer such.

For most farmers and ranchers, damage brought by wombat in their pasture and field can be annoying and destructive. With this, they can be perceived as pests. This is one of the reasons why they are hunted. Their behavior would always be the main factor. Their fur is also sought-after because it suits sport very well. There are species out there which are now listed as endangered. These are the hairy-nosed combats which are seen in the north. Do not get this wrong because there are others such as the coarse-haired and common combat which are always looked upon as vermin. The natural space has been replaced as a space for wombats. This is pointed as a premium one in ranch and farm lands.

It is bothering to know that such cute creatures can be seen as unwanted by some. However, this will not deny the fact that they are pretty special. It may even be surprising to know that despite the fact that these wombats appear to be really slow, they have the ability to run. They can achieve 25 miles per hour. They may even maintain their speed this way. Since they have always been fast, they can also dig. They are actually designed this way. Their bodies have always been barrel-shaped. They are wide and strong. Their long claws allow them to go around extensive systems. They can excavate this.

On May 28, 2014, the world grieved with the passing of a talented writer, in the person of Maya Angelou. Her death elicited various reactions. It led people to ponder on her creations when she was still alive. This also served as a time for many to research about different facts about Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou was a famous poet. She was an award-winning writer who was critically acclaimed throughout her career in the industry. More so, her recognition rooted from her memoir entitled I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. She also published various collections comprised of essay and poetry.

The Basics

Maya Angelou was born on the 4th of April, 1928. She was originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She was a civil right activist aside from being a writer. Maya Angelou became well-known because of her 1969 memoir called I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This was the time when she made history as she was dubbed the very first nonfiction best-seller ever achieved by the African-American woman.

de6436671bcd995dc4010af715edcad8_maya-angelou-the-source-maya-angelou_948-1185.jpeg (948×1185)

In the year 1971, the said author published a poetry collection, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘Fore I Die. This was nominated at the Pulitzer Prize. Later on, she came up with another poem again, this time – On the Pulse of Morning. This was considered a popular work of hers. As a matter of fact, she recited it during the inauguration of President Bill Clinton. This occurred in 1993.


Throughout her entire career, Angelou was able to receive various honors – one of which was the NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Literary Work. This fell under the nonfiction category. She triumphed over this twice during the year 2005, and then 2009.


Multi-talented is unlikely to embody who Maya Angelou was. The breadth and depth of her accomplishments could not be described solely with the earlier word. Aside from being the writer that she was known for, Maya Angelou was also an actress, dancer, author and screenwriter. Her real name was Marguerite Annie Johnson. She never denied that hers was quite a challenging and difficult childhood. She experienced this when her parents split up back when she was still very young. This triggered her, and her older brother named Bailey, to be sent to be with the mother of their father. They stayed with their grandmother, Anne Henderson. During that time, she was in Stamps, Arkansas.

Racial prejudices were never new to African-Americans like Angelou. She had her share of experience. She was awoken to the reality as early as 7, when she became connected to a family associate. There was also a time when she was raped. This time, by the boyfriend of her mother. To revenge, the uncles of Angelou killed the mentioned boyfriend. She was traumatized at that period of her life. That was the call for her to eventually stopped talking. There were times in Arkansas when she was a virtual mute.

Indeed, the life of Maya was not easy. It made her the brilliant poet that she was.

For the parent with a child diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), you know well about the power struggle between your child and his teachers. School teachers are bound by their curriculum and don’t have the time to tailor each lesson around your child. Your child may not have an interest in the subject that the teacher must present and therefore refuses to do it. This situation may result in a meltdown because the child cannot deal with the pressures of the classroom or the teacher may make disciplinary actions against the child for not abiding by classroom rules.

A lot of children with Asperger’s who are not getting the help they need in school may have very poor grades. The sad part of this is, the child is usually years ahead in certain subjects and may not be able to grasp others because of the standard way of teaching. This is not the teachers’ fault – they may have never come across a child with Asperger’s and don’t know tips to help out the situation. As a parent, you are able to go to the teacher and together you can make a plan of action that will help.

Point out the good in children with Asperger’s

The child with Asperger’s is a very sensitive child. A lot of people don’t realize this because most children with AS speak in monotone voices and appear very withdrawn. This is only because they do not know how to interact with the world around them like most of the other children. They are very sensitive to criticism and are prone to worry about everything.

what_is_creative_teaching-e1433788418645.jpeg (800×497)

When the student with AS completes his work, make sure to point out that that was good. Take time to compliment him with subjects he may not be interested in. A reward system is always useful when dealing with homework other assignments in the classroom. AS children are very much into rules and routines, incorporating a rewards system helps the AS child understand the classroom dynamic.

Keep the Asperger’s child informed

Any disruption of your child’s routine can mean tantrums, yelling or physical outbursts. If there is going to be a change in the normal lesson plan or special event that day, take the child aside and inform him of these changes. This doesn’t have to take long; just letting him know ahead of time may let him feel more in control. AS children cannot deal with change easily, it makes them worry and feel out of control.

Have the school call ahead, if possible, if there is to be a substitute teacher that day. Before heading to school, you and your child can talk about the change happening today and some good ideas to deal with that. Keeping your child in the loop is key to a smooth day.

Your child distracts easily

There are noises even in a quiet classroom that can distract a child with Asperger’s. Tapping, humming from the lights, shuffling feet or even faint noises from the hall can aggravate and frustrate your child. As frustration mounts, so do the chances of outbursts.

Note taking can be very difficult for your child. Looking at the board or overhead, listening to the teacher and trying to write words can be way to much for your child. Sometimes it is easier to just have the child listen and answer questions to keep them involved. When the lesson is over have the child copy someone else’s notes in their study time. This keeps the child involved in the lesson and keeps frustration and the chance for outbursts to a minimum.

These are just a few ideas that you the parent and your child’s teacher may talk about. The main points are to keep the child in the loop as to what’s going on, keep the child involved in the lesson, minimize distractions and chances for frustration. If these are followed, there is less of a chance that the whole class will be disrupted and your child will enjoy school more.


Once a sailor, always a sailor.

Growing up in a small town near the beach is the very reason why I grew fond of it. Our house is nearby a pier and in the afternoon, my friends and I would jump into the water and swim like there’s no tomorrow.

We would watch this ship dock, take passengers and cruise away.

As a child, I have always wondered how and what makes the ship float. That’s when I decided to take up marine transportation as my course.

On board, I would be mesmerized by the views, and have always thought if only my family can see what I can see. 20 years later, I have internet to be thankful for. I’m new to blogging. In fact this is my very first blog. So pardon me if I sound novice.

I intend to share my experiences on board and off. Let’s see the world together!